Apr 12, 2008


The kingdom of Thailand lies in the heart of Southeast Asia, making it a natural gateway to Indochina, Myanmar and Southern China. Its shape and geography divide into four natural regions : the mountains and forests of the North; the vast rice fields of the Central Plains; the semi-arid farm lands of the Northeast plateau; and the tropical islands and long coastline of the peninsula South.

The country comprises 76 provinces that are further divided into districts, sub-districts and villages. Bangkok is the capital city and centre of political, commercial, industrial and cultural activities. It is also the seat of Thailand's revered Royal Family, with His Majesty the King recognised as Head of State, Head of the Armed Forces, Upholder of the Buddhist religion and Upholder of all religions.

Thailand is a constitutional monarchy with His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, or King Rama IX, the ninth king of the Chakri Dynasty, the present king. The King has reigned for more than half a century, making him the longest reigning Thai monarch. Thailand embraces a rich diversity of cultures and traditions. With its proud history, tropical climate and renowned hospitality, the Kingdom is a never-ending source of fascination and pleasure for international visitors.

Neighboring countries:
1) Myanmar - west and north,
2) Lao P.D.R. - north and northeast,
3) Cambodia - southeast and
4) Malaysia - south.

Area: 513,115 sq. km.

Topography: Thailand is divided into 4 natural regions:

The mountainous North, with its profusion of multi-coloured orchids, fascinating native handicrafts and winter temperatures are sufficiently cool to permit cultivation of temperate fruits such as strawberries and peaches;

The high Northeast Plateau, which still jealously guards its many archaeological and anthropological mysteries;

The Central Plain, one of the world's most fertile rice and fruit-growing areas with colourful traditional culture and way of life as well as the sandy beaches of the East Coast and vibrant cosmopolitan Bangkok;

The peninsular South where the unspoiled beaches and idyllic islands complement economically vital tin mining, rubber cultivation and fishing.

Population: Thais are well-known for their friendliness and hospitality. A large majority of over 62 million citizens of Thailand are ethic Thai, along with strong communities whose ethnic origins lie in China, India and elsewhere. About 7 million people reside in the capital city of Bangkok.

People: Thai (80%), Chinese (10%), Malay (3%), and the rest are minorities (Mons, Khmers, hill tribes) Ethnic Thais form the majority, though the area has historically been a migratory crossroads, and has thus produced a degree of ethnic diversity. Integration is such, however, that culturally and socially there is enormous unity.

Language: Spoken and written Thai is largely incomprehensible to the casual visitor. However, English is widely understood, particularly in Bangkok where it is almost the major commercial language. English and some European Languages are spoken in most hotels, shops and restaurants in major tourist destinations, and Thai-English road and street signs are found nationwide.



Mar 28, 2008



Northern Thailand is one of the most diverse areas on earth. Culturally rich and containing some of the most beautiful scenery in the country it provides an ideal location for a wide range of interested parties. Steeped in a rich colorful identity all of her own Chiang Mai submits an opulent combination of modern city life in parallel with unique age old charm. The city teems with elaborate temples and cultural relics, some originating since the cities inception some 700 years ago. Doi Suthep monastery crowns the mountain overlooking the fertile valley which embraces Chiang Mai. In the city’s famous night bazaar local traders, modern department stores and exotic tribal arrivals combine offering bargains for all.

The city also boasts of numerous international restaurants of all kinds as well as a thriving night life. Nearby Sankampaeng is busy with the time honored crafts of local artisans. Here the crafts folk utilize their traditional skills to produce intricate products from hand made umbrellas, teak furniture, leather goods, silver / bronze objects and hand made spun silk.

You do not have to travel too far to reach the lush rain forest and exotic tribes that host, just some, of the adventure highlights that have made the North a favored intrepid visitors destination for over two decades.

Simple tribal villages adorn the mountain sides and offer simple overnight lodgings for adventurous wayfarers. Bamboo rafts are constructed to navigate the many rivers and elephants are harnessed to provide novel transportation means for the adventurer. The sights, sounds and scents of the forest will leave an indelible mark of enchantment on visitors of all ages. Mighty waterfalls proliferate throughout the area naturally supplying an ideal picnic point. The cool, benevolent climate of the North encourages vast assortments of fruit, vegetables and plants to flourish. Visitors can purchase this delicious mouth watering morsels at incredibly low prices.

The latest addition to the areas attractions includes a new conservation site for elephants and the surrounding forest.

Mar 2, 2008


All of our diving location are carefully selected based on through study and survey by the experts and recommended by well traveled experts, you may experience fascinating beauty under water in Bali. Here are some famous diving sites those are highly recommended:

It’s about 20 kilometers from the Airport, you could see beautiful under water panorama with thousands of colourful tropical fish, soft corals and spongers growing on the 25 kilometers of barrier reef. It’s good for Diving course and general information for beginners.

This island is located in the east of Sanur (45 minutes by speed boat), it’s actually one of the three sister islands of Bali. The white sandy bottom and exceptionally crystal cool water present you with assortment of fishes and marine vegetation.

Spectacular under water panorama. Should you dive to Manta ray, here is the place where we can take you to dive in 12 to 15 meters depth, it’s only 50 minutes by boat from Sanur.

It’s about 125 kilometers from the Airport, A US Merchantman sunk during world war II in 6 to 30 meters provide unforgettable diving experience. The wreck is fully grown with different varieties of clams, gorgonia, sea fans, corals and with feeding fishes in the lave flowing area mount Agung.

It’ about 3 hours drive to get this place , An under water park famous for its great variety of corals, sponges, tropical reef fishes and its crystal clear water and spectacular wall diving that drops off to 40 meters down.

It’s about 125 kilometers from the airport, this dive side is good for all divers or for fun diver, you’ll see a myriad of soft corals and fishes life. Amed has nice wall that drops of to 40 meters down.


Feb 10, 2008


Dining in Bali pose endless possibilities as Indonesia has one of the world's greatest cuisine. From a five-star restaurant to a roadside stall, you will be amazed by the choices offered. Tourist-oriented restaurants abound in tourist centers but Indonesian and Chinese food is predominant.

Influences from all corners of the globe make up Balinese comestibles. Curries, cucumber, eggplant, Indian mustard and cow peas came from India; the Chinese brought the wok and stir-frying, Chinese mustard, and vegetables such as brassica and Chinese cabbage; from Arabia came kebabs and mouthwatering goat stews, while the Europeans introduced avocados, peanuts, pineapples, guavas, papayas, tomatoes, squashes, pumpkins, cocoa, soybean and cauliflower.

Balinese cooking revolves around spices, often partnered by coconut milk, which adds a rich flavor and creamy texture to intriguing dishes of tropical vegetables, poultry, meat and fish. Sugar, fragrant roots and leaves are fondly used and the end result is food that is both subtle and sophisticated. Rice is the basis of any Indonesian meal. A main serving of rice is normally taken first, followed by a small portion of three to four dishes of vegetables or meat, known as lauk. These dishes of lauk are placed in the center of the table for all to share.

A side dish or sambal, made with red-hot chilies ground with dried shrimp paste and other seasonings such as lime juice should be taken with caution. It can be scorching for the inexperienced or chili intolerant person, so do not be too adventurous with your sampling. If indeed you are scorched, do not drink water immediately as it will only worsen the situation; instead settle for bananas, plain boiled rice, bread or cucumber. However, delicious side dishes like tempeh, a protein-charged savory cake made of fermented soybeans, and rempeyek, small crisp cookies made of peanuts, should not be missed.

Five Legs

For simple dining, there are warungs - snack bars and mobile carts that cater mainly to local workers and those who understand that low cost hawker meals are really safe to eat. These three-wheeled carts are often pushed by young boys and are nicknamed kaki lima, which means five legs - the three wheels of the cart and the two legs of the boy!

Adventurous travelers can delight in sampling all these delicacies that can be found within reach. Those who are unsure but are willing to try should go for something simple such as pisang goreng or banana fritters, lumpia, a type of fried spring roll, and bakso, a meatball soup. Lawar, a specialty of Bali, is composed of minced pork, coconut and spices. Other types of lawar that are available include chicken, egg, green bean, and jackfruit. Do take note though, if it is red in color, it is made of fresh raw blood. You should also try a snack called tupat, which is normally not found elsewhere. It is actually steamed rice in coconut-leaf packages that are cubed with tofu, cucumber, spinach and sprouts and mixed with a fiery peanut sauce. Do not miss bubur injin or black rice pudding for breakfast or dessert, it is heavenly! Do ask locals for a price estimation but expect to pay around Rp. 2,000 to Rp. 5,000.

Tropical Fruits

Bali has a extensive range of fruits, some unimaginable and some you wish you had never imagined! One of these is the fabled durian, the King of Fruits, which is a thorny fruit the size of a football. It has an offensive smell to some but are prized by locals. Others that can be savored include mangoes, mangosteens, bananas, jackfruit, rambutans, markisas, pineapples, papayas, longans, melons, oranges, and custard apples, to name a few. Of course, the best fruit would be the salak or the snakeskin fruit. This scaly, brown fruit encloses a crunchy white fruit with a pear-like flavor; Bali is famous for its salak.

Tips and Hints

Bottled drinking water (air) is highly recommended. The most common brand is Aqua, which is synonymous to drinking water. Just be certain that the bottle has an intact plastic seal! Many people confuse the effects of an altered diet with the symptoms of more serious illnesses. When there is an inclusion of herbs, spices and palm oil, numerous travelers will experience changes in bowel actions. Some people may fall ill from eating in the markets while others may have the same effect dining at the most exclusive restaurants. But these do not pinpoint to any particular eating venue. Rely on your five senses when choosing the right place and type of food to eat but most importantly, have a great meal!


Dec 16, 2007


Lists of Hotels Per Bali Area

Kuta - Tuban Area Hotels
  • » Agung Segare Hotel (2 star)
  • » Aneka Beach Kuta ( 2 star)
  • » Bali Dynasty Beach (5 star)
  • » Bali Hai (3 star)
  • » Bali Garden (3 star)
  • » Bali Mandira Hotel (3 star)
  • » Bali Rani hotel (3 star)
  • » Camplung Mas Hotel (U 2 star)
  • » Flamboyan hotel (3 star)
  • » Flora Beach hotel (2 star)
  • » Green Garden bali ( 2 star)
  • » Hotel Wina ( 2 star)
  • » Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel ( star)
  • » Kuta beach club ( 2 star)
  • » Kuta Paradiso (4 star)
  • » Kuta Seaview cottages ( 2 star)
  • » Legian Beach Hotel (4 star)
  • » Patra Jasa Hotel (, 5 star)
  • » Perdana Dadi hotel ( 2 star)
  • » Puri Madawi Hotel
  • » Ramada Bintang Bali( star)
  • » Rama Beach Resort and Villa
  • » Santika Beach Hotel (4 star)
  • » The Virra Bali Hotel
Seminyak Area Hotels
  • » Bali ayu (3 star)
  • » The Royal Seminyak ( Previously Bali Imperial ) ( 5 star)
  • » Bali Padma Hotel (5 star)
  • » Bolare beach bungalow ( 3 star)
  • » Hotel Saphir Bali ( 3 star)
  • » Puri ratih hotel ( 3 star)
  • » Santika villa ( 5 star)
  • » The Oberoi Bali (5 star)

Legian Area Hotels
  • » Adhi darma ( 2 star)
  • » Alam Kulkul Resort ( 3 star)
  • » Andika Sari Bungalow
  • » Bali Dwira Hotel ( 2 star)
  • » Bali Intan Village ( 3 star)
  • » Balisani Padma Hotel ( 3 star)
  • » Grand Balisani Suite ( 3 star)
  • » Hard Rock Hotel Bali( 4 star)
  • » Hotel Restu Bali ( 2 star)
  • » Intan Legian Hotel ( 3 star)
  • » Jayakarta hotel (3 star)
  • » Legian express hotel ( 2 star)
  • » Legian Paradiso Hotel ( 3 star)
  • » Sayang Maha Mertha Hotel ( 2 star)
  • » Inna Kuta Beach Hotel ( 4 star)
  • » Prani legian hotel ( 2 star)
  • » Puri naga hotel ( 2 star)
  • » Puri raja hotel ( 3 star)
  • » Hotel Saphir Mabisa Inn Bali ( 2 star)
  • » Simpang inn hotel (2 star)
  • » Sri kusuma hotel ( 2 star)
  • » Suji bungalow ( 2 star)
  • » Villa Rumah Manis ( 3 star)
  • » White rose hotel ( 3 star)

Jimbaran Area Hotels
  • » Bali Intercontinental ( 5 star)
  • » Four Season Resort
  • » Keraton hotel ( 5 star)
  • » Mimpi boutique resort ( 3 star)
  • » Nirmala Hotel
  • » Pansea Puri Bali ( 3 star)
  • » Puri bambu hotel ( 3 star)
  • » Puri Kosala
  • » The Ritz Carlton ( 5 star)

Bedugul - Tabanan Hotels
  • » Enjung Beji Resort ( 2 star)
  • » Lemeridien Nirwana ( 5 star)
  • » Pacung Asri Hotel ( 3 star)

Karangasem - Candidasa Hotels
  • » Amankila (5 star)
  • » Balina beach (2 star)
  • » Candi Beach Cottages (.00, 3 star)
  • » Candi Dasa Beach Hotel
  • » Lotus bungalow (2 star)
  • » Rama Candi Dasa (2 star)
  • » Puri Bagus Candi Dasa
  • » Samudra arirang (2 star)
  • » Allila Manggis (Previously The Serai ( 4 star)

Buleleng - Lovina -Singaraja Hotels
  • » Aneka Lovina (2 star)
  • » Bali Lovina Beach Cottage
  • » Mimpi Resort Menjangan(3 star)
  • » Puri Bagus Lovina (3 star)
  • » Sol Lovina (3 star)

Sanur hotels
  • » Alit Sanur hotel (2 Star)
  • » Bali hyatt (5 star)
  • » Bali kesumasari hotel (2 star)
  • » Bali warma hotel ( 2 star)
  • » Besakih Hotel (BSB) ( 2 Star)
  • » Diwangkara Beach ( 2 Star)
  • » Gazebo Cottages (2 Star)
  • » Inna Grand Bali Beach (5 star)
  • » Griya Santrian (3 Star)
  • » La Taverna (2 Star)
  • » Leghawa beach hotel (2 star)
  • » Mentari sanur hotel
  • » Inna Bali Hotel (3 Star)
  • » Parigata resort sanur ( 2 star)
  • » Peneeda View ( 2 Star)
  • » Pondok Bali (2 star)
  • » Puri Dalem Hotel (2 Star)
  • » Puri santrian ( 3 star)
  • » Raddin Sanur Bali Hotel (4 star)
  • » Sanur Beach Hotel (5 star)
  • » Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel (4 Star)
  • » Sativa Sanur Cottages (2 star)
  • » Segara Village (3 Star)
  • » Swastika bungalows ( 2 star)
  • » Tamukami hotel (3 star)
  • » Tanjungsari Hotel ( 4 star)
  • » Wakamaya hotel ( 4 star)

Klungkung Hotels
  • » Hai Tide Huts (3 star)
  • » Nusa Lembongan (3 star)

Nusa Dua Area Hotels
  • » Amanusa
  • » Aston Bali Resort (U 4 star)
  • » Bali cliff resort (U 4 star)
  • » Bali gardenia hotel (3 star)
  • » Bali Hilton ( 5 star)
  • » Bali tropik hotel (4 star)
  • » Bualu hotel ( 3 star)
  • » Grand Hyatt Bali (5 star)
  • » Jimbaran hills hotel (3 star)
  • » Matahari terbit hotel (3 star)
  • » Melia Bali Hotel (5 star)
  • » Melia Benoa Hotel (4 star)
  • » Nikko Bali Hotel (5 star)
  • » Nusa Dua Beach (5 star)
  • » Princess nusadua (3 star)
  • » Puri benoa suites (3 star)
  • » Putri Bali Beach Hotel (5star)
  • » Putri Tanjung Hotel
  • » Ramada Resort Benoa (4 star)
  • » Sheraton Lagoon (U 5 star)
  • » Sonni puteri hotel (3 star)
  • » Swiss bel hotel (4 star)
  • » The bale hotel (4 star)
  • » The Westin Resort ( 5 star)
  • » Villa bintang (4 star)
  • » Wantilan Golf Villa (3 star)

Gianyar - Ubud Hotels
  • » Amandari
  • » Alam Sari Keliki Hotel
  • » Begawan Giri
  • » Barong Resort & SPA
  • » Alila Ubud (Previuosly The Chedi) ( 4 star)
  • » Fibra inn Hotel ( 3 star)
  • » Four Season Resort Sayan
  • » Graha Ubud Resort
  • » Hotel bunga permai (2 star)
  • » Hotel Tjampuhan (3 star)
  • » Kamandalu resort spa (5 star)
  • » Arma Resort Previously Kokokan hotel (4 star)
  • » Komaneka resort (4 star)
  • » Komaneka suite (4 star)
  • » Kupu kupu barong
  • » Lorin hotel saba bai (3 star)
  • » Maya ubud resort (3 star)
  • » Munut bungalows (2 star)
  • » Pande permai bungalows
  • » Panorama hotel (2 star)
  • » Pertiwi resort spa (2 star)
  • » Puri bukit kembar (3 star)
  • » Puri Bunga (3 star)
  • » Puri Wulandari (4 star)
  • » Saraswati bungalows (2 star)
  • » Sri Ratih Hotel (3 star)
  • » Tegal Sari (2 star)
  • » Waka Barong (3 star)
  • » Waka Diume (3 star)
  • » Waka Padma (3 star)

Denpasar hotels
  • » Inna Bali Hotel (3 Star)

Canggu Hotels
  • »Tugu bali villas

Dec 2, 2007


Watching Barong Dance at BATUBULAN village. The keep on visiting of the villages, like : CELUK village is a gold & Silver art work, Weaving & Paintings at BATUAN village and wood carving village is at MAS. PANELOKAN is the place for having Indonesia buffet lunch in the healthy restaurant while to enjoy the Lake & Mount Batur Crater atmosphere. And on the way back via SEBATU village where is the Holy Spring Water Temple stand. TEGAL LALANG village is s beautiful rice terrace and colourful modern wood carvings.

This tour takes you to visit the Mother temple of Bali, first stop at Water fall, coming up next to KLUNGKUNG to visit the old court justice of KERTA GOSA. Then driving up to Bali’s biggest and holiest temple of BESAKIH, the majestic temple complex located on the slope of the sacred Mount Agung. Having lunch at a restaurant at BUKIT JAMBUL, while enjoy overlooking the Indonesian Ocean. On return trip stop at MAS Village , a place where you can find wooden carving, BATUAN Village, a place where you can see weaving and paintings, CELUK Village, is gold and silver smiths.

The first of our stop is to visit TANAH LOT Temple which is placed on a huge rock surrounded by sea and an ideal beach for relaxing, then visit ALAS KEDATON , (monkey forest) here you will be welcomed by tamed and friendly monkeys, and continue to BEDUGUL a cool mountain breeze on the shores of Beratan Lake and it’s Ulun Danu Temple, and Lunch at local restaurant, and on the way back home will stop at TAMAN AYUN Temple, it’s a beautiful state temple of the Royal Mengwi Dynasty.

This is special design tour to introduce the Eastern part of Bali, where your first stop is at BONA village as the central of bamboo furniture home industry. Next move on to the East coast of SELAT village to witness a very large of SALAK (light brown snake skin fruit) plantation. Afterward visit TIRTA GANGGA, tranquil and ancient bathing pool of former King of this area, and having lunch at local restaurant than move on to TENGANAN, it’s an isolated village where the Balinese native village called BALI AGA, the people live in an undisturbed place for centuries, and the last stop will be at KUSAMBA Beach with black sand beach and GOA LAWAH Temple (bats cave temple)where thousand bats are hanging on the rim of the cave.

A trip to the famous and the central of arts village. First stop to witness the traditional Balinese hand batik and weaving processing. Afterwards to CELUK famous for its Gold and Silver Smith, BATUAN traditional Balinese house compound, MAS the home of wood carver, next to the monkey forest in Ubud. Lunch at a local restaurant with nice view and the last will visit traditional Balinese painting.

This tour featuring to visit one of the most beautiful temple of TAMAN AYUN remainder of the Royal Mengwi Dynasty. ALAS KEDATON (monkey forest ) where you will find thousands of friendly monkeys. TANAH LOT one of Bali’s most important sea temple built on the top of huge rock which is surrounded by the sea at high tide and creates a beautiful silhouette during the sunset.

This tour provides insights to the daily life of the Balinese people. BALI MUSEUM splendid collection of arts and artifacts from prehistoric period, while looking at the JAGATNATHA Temple which is located next to the BALI MUSEUM, our trip continue to the traditional market called PASAR BADUNG to explore the traditional Balinese activity, where many of quality goods can be bargained. Then move on to PASAR SATRIA (birds market) to see some varieties of birds, and the visit WERDHI BUDAYA Art Center, is the place of Balinese artist, create, learn and show their creation.

Enjoy your water sports activities at TANJUNG BENOA beach, the best place for : Parasailing, Jet skiing, Wind surfing, Banana boat riding, Snorkeling, Diving and so on. Looking around five star hotels in NUSA DUA area, then we escort you to the southern most tip Bali of ULUWATU site of a temple praying homage Indian Ocean to see an exotic sunset.


Nov 18, 2007

Bali - The Island of Gods ( I )

Bali: An Overview

Bali is an island of incredible mystery, beauty, enchantment, culture, hospitality, variety, and serenity; who wouldn't fall under its irresistible spell?

Bali is an Indonesian island located at 8°25′23″S, 115°14′55″E, the western most of the Lesser Sunda Islands, lying between Java to the west and Lombok to the east. It is one of the country's 33 provinces with the provincial capital at Denpasar towards the south of the island. The island is home to the vast majority of Indonesia's small Hindu minority.

Bali's spectacular beaches, volcanoes, lakes, temples, and terraced rice fields -- combined with its deeply artistic roots and its legendary hospitality -- have made it one of the most visited places on earth. Complex irrigation system feed the intricately terraced rice fields and lush tropical vegetation, fills the ravines and valleys and surround the myriad of temples, ancient monuments and holy bathing places that are constant reminders of Bali’s ancient history and its living culture and religion. To the gem of a tropical island add a warm and smiling gentle brown-eye people with a mellow relaxing life-style that flows the demands of an age-old religion and tradition in a colorful rhythm of ceremony, festival, music, art and dance. The religion and culture of Bali are unique in the world, and the Balinese have preserved their traditions in spite of the island's growing tourist industry. While many destinations offer beautiful scenery, few have the variety of Bali, and none has its unique art, culture, and natural hospitality.